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Improve quality of your personal life and boost your career by doing Feng Shui for your home.

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Optimise your working environment for more better performance and successful business.

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Avoid living in area “low and overshadowed”

By Grand Master Sheng -yen Lu translated by Janny Chow In my younger days, I performed numerous Feng Shui consultations for others. The one rule I always maintained was treating everyone equally, whether they were rich or poor. When rich people came to seek my service, I gladly helped them when poor families came to

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Avoid Living in a “high peak” spot

By Grand Master Sheng-yen-Lu translated by Janny Chow One time a rich man invited me to do a Feng Shui reading for his luxurious home. At the appointed time, he showed up at my house in his expensive sedan. However, I did not have any intention of leaving with him. “It is about time, shall

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Article by Master Simon Wong Assisted by Charles Pycraft Feng Shui (similar to geomancy in the West) is a way of controlling the magnetic flow in the environment to increase your energy, fortune and well being. Many people have heard of this ancient art, but they do not know exactly what Feng Shui is. In

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What is Feng Shui?

This article was published in Dec 1999-Jan 2000 in Holistic Therapy Trade Journal by Tania Levin & Master Wong What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui means “wind and water”. It is an art that was developed in ancient China over 3000 years ago, and is similar to Western geomancy. It is based on Chinese philosophy,

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Don’t be a Feng Shui victim

Would you put your life in the hands of an unqualified doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant etc? We think not! Every time you consult a Feng Shui guru, instructor, “Master”, teacher etc you are placing your life in somebody else’s hands. As harmless and simple as Feng Shui may seem, if it is practised incorrectly it

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Feng Shui (Called Geomancy in the West) is an art that developed in ancient China over 5000 years ago. It is based on The Taoist philosophy (Wu Chi ,Tai Chi , Pa Qua, 5 Elements and the I Ching) and is a highly developed method to enhance the positive influences of the environment while avoiding

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