Don’t be a Feng Shui victim

Would you put your life in the hands of an unqualified doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant etc? We think not!

Every time you consult a Feng Shui guru, instructor, “Master”, teacher etc you are placing your life in somebody else’s hands. As harmless and simple as Feng Shui may seem, if it is practised incorrectly it will probably bring more bad luck than good luck.

I’m sure you must have heard a lot people say bad things about Feng Shui. This is due to the many Feng Shui cowboys ruining the TRUE meaning of this ancient Chinese science.

Many of Master Wong’s clients have had the misfortune of being “Feng Shui victims.”

Mrs Chang had an expensive consultation(£1500) with a Famous “Master” and none of the advice was applicable.

Mrs Smith had a famous Feng Shui Master doing her business and her business ended up closing down.

After Mr Malcolm had his Feng Shui done he had a car accident, so be warned!

Whereas Master Wong gives a few options as to what is most applicable. This means you can minimise any damage for the least cost and always create good luck..

One of the most important points of Feng Shui is the value we place on our relationship, health and financial business situations. How much value do you place on the loss of a loved one, a bankrupted business or a slow death from a terminal illness?

All these situations can be rectified and improved through good Feng Shui, something very few Feng Shui practitioners are really able to endorse.

If you get a Feng Shui consultant every year, (Feng Shui changes every year) it will be very expensive in the long term.

Through doing our course not only can you avert problems in your own life but you can also help other people. You will also earn your money back many times.

Everything in the Yellow Dragon system is tried and tested by Master Wong including the course material or a consultation. If you follow the instructions you will be guaranteed success. This is what makes Yellow Dragon International different from other Feng Shui schools or consultants.

Taking a Yellow Dragon Feng Shui course could be one of the most valuable investments in your life. The pricing of the course is also at a very much reduced rate so the maximum number of people can benefit.

Don’t be a fool and get caught by the cowboys, act NOW!