Article by Master Simon Wong

Assisted by Charles Pycraft

Feng Shui (similar to geomancy in the West) is a way of controlling the magnetic flow in the environment to increase your energy, fortune and well being. Many people have heard of this ancient art, but they do not know exactly what Feng Shui is. In Chinese, Feng Shui means ‘wind’ and ‘water’. The reason why it is called wind and water is because energy is created by Water when it evaporates. The scientific explanation of this is that as a substance – in this case Water, changes from liquid to vapour, it goes through a chemical reaction at a molecular level, generating and releasing energy. This energy is Chi. The ancient Chinese knew this centuries before it was discovered by modern science.

The way Chi is destroyed by Wind is more straightforward. The wind simply blows the chi away, moving from one place to another. If an area is affected by strong winds, then it will have very bad Feng Shui because the Chi will be unable to settle. Therefore, the area will not benefit from the Chi.

If we know how to manipulate the interaction of airflow (wind) and water (water vapour) we will know how to make our lives more balanced. This is not a New Age spiritual fashion accessory but an extremely advanced method of enhancing the individual’s well being, for peace of mind if practiced correctly!

Feng Shui can be utilised for good or bad purposes according to the practitioner’s intention. Most people use Feng Shui to improve their relationships, health, financial situations, and to harmonise their lives. However, governments, businesses and those in major positions of power use Feng Shui to assure their longevity as well as to destroy their opponents with confrontational design. This is a political and business use of Feng Shui and the reason why TRUE Masters will only pass their knowledge directly to students of good character. This makes one realise that the many so called “experts” proliferating today are merely scratching the surface of an ancient culture that goes back 5000 years and do not truly represent “The ancient science of Feng Shui”.


The lack of understanding of this art which is based on sound scientific principals is dangerous to both the practitioner and client if misused. Feng Shui cannot be “imaginatively” interpreted, as so many recent advocates attempt to do. There are specific (absolute) mathematical formulae that never change which are based on the Chinese Taoist origin of the universe. They should therefore be followed accurately in order for the Feng Shui to work effectively. The misunderstood ‘Zen Master’ mentality towards Feng Shui all too often produces New Age mavericks. With an egotistical attitude to this ancient system, Feng Shui is then treated in the same way as geomantic traditions of other cultures. Although these cultures may bear similarities this is not necessarily Feng Shui. It is both confusing and misleading to Western practitioners seeking the real essence and meaning of Feng Shui.

The best way to explain the logic of Feng Shui is in using mathematics and numerology.

0 represents emptiness;

1 represents the universe;

2 represent the energies of Yin & Yang.

Yin is represented by even numbers, while odd numbers represent Yang.

Two things cannot function on their own – they need a third as medium to make them practical. For instance 2 bricks are no use without cement.

3 is therefore the creative process. Other examples are found in religion. In Christianity where you have the Holy Trinity – the 3 forces of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. In Buddhism you have Dharma Body, Transformation Body and Incarnation Body. They all use 3.

4 represents the four directions and are shown on the Tai Chi symbol as the Yin and Yang, each with a small white dot of the opposite colour inside. This one Tai Chi symbol is comprised of 4 confident parts.

For practical purposes, we can look to the human body and see that the male contains elements of the female- eg. the flat chest (a passive Yin characteristic), and the female element of the male- breasts, which are projecting and therefore of a Yang nature.

In our personalities too, we all have characteristics of the opposite sex to a greater or lesser degree.

5 Represents the centre.

6 is explained below: 6 Represents the lowest level of Yin energy and this is why “666” is used to represent the devil in the Bible.

7 Represents the solar system. The Sun & the Moon and the 5 element planets. Mercury (Water); Venus (Metal); Mars (Fire); Jupiter (Wood); Saturn (Earth). In ancient times they only knew of these 7 planets. Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were only discovered fairly recently.

It also represents completion. In the Bible, God created the Earth in 6 days, then rested on the 7th. In Buddhism, when someone is dying, if they chant the name of Amitabha Buddha for 7 days, then Amitabha Buddha will take their spirit to the Western Paradise.

8 Represents the Pa Qua or 8 directions and when it is turned sideways it is the symbol for infinity

9 Represents the highest level of Yang as explained below:

In ancient China 9 and 5 were used to represent the Emperor. 5 is the centre and 9 is the highest level.

10 Represents the complete cycle and the return to 0 (Emptiness). 1 is next to it, which means that the whole of the Universe is created again from 0.

Therefore, maths and numerology can explain religion and philosophy. It is a universal language. So science and religion can work hand in hand. Feng Shui is the scientific way and uses maths to represent everything.

In the Lok Shi, the correspondence of numbers are shown below:

1 Represents the direction of North; the colour is white; the element is water; the relation is the middle son, it has the effect of moving and the body parts belong to the kidneys and the ears.

2 Represents the direction of South West, the colour is black, the element is earth, the relation is the mother, it has the effect of illness and the body part belongs to the stomach.

3 Represents the direction of East, the colour is green, the element is wood, the relation is the eldest son, it has the effect of conflict and the body parts belong to the liver and the legs.

4 Represents the direction of South East, the colour is green, the element is wood, the relation is the eldest daughter, it has the effect of studying and the body parts belong to the breathing organs.

5 represents the centre, the colour is yellow, the element is earth, it has the effect of trouble and the body part belongs to the stomach.

6 Represents the direction of North West, the colour is white, the element is metal, the relation is the father, it has the effect of power and the body part belongs to the head.

7 Represents the direction of West, the colour is red, the element is metal, the relation is the youngest daughter, it has the effect of robbery and the body parts belong to the mouth and tongue.

8 Represents the direction of North East, the colour is white, the element is earth, the relation is the youngest son, it has the effect of money and the body parts belong to the head and the back.

9 Represents the direction of South, the colour is purple, the element is fire, the relation is the middle daughter, it has the effect of good news and the body parts belong to the eyes and the heart.

In Lok Shi we put the yearly and monthly 9 star into the 9 sector. So, if we know the element of the star we can then find out both their productive or destructive nature. From this we are able to tell what will happen in the family. Of course, this is only a basic introduction to the use of the numbers.

When one gets into the more advanced levels, where the Pa Qua, Lok shi, River Map, chinese astrology and I Ching combine together, the numbers take a much greater significance. This is why, in China, a number of experts several thousand years ago were able to give exact details of events in the distant future, even down to the time, place and to whom these events would take place to. A number of prediction books still exist ot this day and are astonishingly accurate.

So, in Feng Shui you can use Lok Shi, River Map or I Ching calculations to find out the past, present and future without any spiritual influence.


Government and big business in China use Feng Shui to improve their situation; is this a trend that the West looks set to follow? To understand the application of Feng Shui in the U.K it is easier to look at well known examples where Feng Shui is used such as Canary Wharf.

Everyone has heard of Canary Wharf; the prominent centrepiece to the mid 1980’s building boom in the heart of London’s Docklands. This was to be a new financial centre expanding out from the city, but why did this not occur? One thing many people do not know is that the developers used Feng Shui in designing Canary Wharf.

Why, therefore, is Canary Wharf not busy? We know about Olympia and York’s bankruptcy and the lack of business generated in the area. Is it that Feng Shui does not work or are there other factors that have not been taken into account?

When one of my students mentioned to me that the developers had used Feng Shui, I had a look for myself for the reason behind the lack of business in the area. The building is sitting North and facing South which is good in terms of Feng Shui, meaning that the general luck of the building will not fluctuate too greatly. In front of the building there is a small park which attracts the chi, representing money. In Canary Wharf water on the right (east direction) represents money and on the left (west direction) water signifies bad health and losing money.

According to the Feng Shui chart, at this moment in time we are in the lower round 7th fortune which represents West, so in the West London area, business will thrive and in the East London area – for example Tobacco Docks Shopping Centre and Docklands Property will generally will be quieter. This is because the luck of the World is presently in the West, so the area opposite, the East will be quiet. This is according to the Flying Star 3 Round 9 Fortune.

The height of the central building looks impressive, but it is also the tallest building in the area with nothing to balance and support it of a similar height. In a Feng Shui way, people working in such a building ‘due to its isolation’ therefore have to work harder to make money.

The height of the building represents wood and the triangle on top represents fire. The water Element is represented by the river Thames, which surrounds the building. This helps the wood, which in turn creates fire through the use of the triangle. This connection of the elements creates mental activity, enhancing the intelligence of those working in the building. An example of this is one of the tenants, a leading national paper who won an award for excellence, no doubt aided by their need to work so hard to overcome their financial obstacles – the area and design of their surroundings.

This is all well and good, however I found that there are still quite a few ways to improve the Feng Shui of the building. Also the one major factor still not fully taken into account is that the general luck of the area does not pick up for 19 years and reach its peak for another 86 years, it will then be as busy as it was from 1904-1923 when the luck was last in the East.

This can explain the IRA bomb disaster in 1996 nearby. When the luck of an area is not there, then it will attract all kinds of bad problems, the fact that this is not the first time this has happened only goes to prove this. According to the “I CHING” of Feng Shui the area will start getting a little busier in 1995 (because the energy of the Earth started moving in to the North East-8 fortune).


One thing that Feng Shui practioners have to understand is not mixing up the I Ching Feng Shui “the luck of the Earth” 2 round 8 fortune and the Flying Star Feng Shui 3 round 9 fortune. Here we talk about the luck of the Earth moving from the West to the North East (e.g. the bridge from Clerkenwell to Holborn being closed for a couple of years which has now re-opened). East London is no longer in the worst direction but the South West (e.g. Hammersmith Bridge closing for a couple of years before being quietly opened at the end of 1999, and the IRA’s bomb attempt prior to that) is now beginning to be in the worst direction as it is opposite the best direction of the North East.

It is important to realise that it is not just the Feng Shui of Canary Wharf that affects how busy it is, but also the surrounding area. With an understanding of Feng Shui the planners would not have become involved in the area until they knew when the luck of the area was returning.

The science of Feng Shui is obviously invaluable to property developers, planners, estate agents and businesses in general, always seeking to invest in the best areas and to avoid the worst. It is also important that the architects designing the buildings have a good understanding of Feng Shui in order to benefit the future occupiers of the building and themselves. Bad design causes bad luck for both the designer and the occupant, as the 1960s Tower Blocks only go to show.

Taoism, Buddhism and Modern Phyisics

From Feng Shui, we know that energy is changing all the time, therefore everything in the world changes too. Everyone wants to have something that can last forever such as the desire for eternal life, beauty, power, love or never ending wealth.

Somehow, this idea cannot be successful. However, in I Ching Feng Shui, a building can still be designed that is busy all the time and not effected by the changing of energy, if you know the secret.

Some clients have asked me: ‘Can Feng Shui make me happy?’ To which I laugh and tell them, “Feng shui can make you successful, but this doesn’t mean you will be happy.”

Happiness is a feeling and as such it is always changing. Even if you are a millionaire, it doesn’t mean you will be happy. Conversely, if you have no money, it doesn’t mean you will be unhappy.

If we don’t know how to deal with our own thoughts such as jealousy, greed, anger foolishness and desire – we will never be happy. Therefore, if you want happiness, the only way to achieve it is to learn philosophy and understand ‘Emptiness’. In the whole universe there is no such thing as permanence. Everything is perpetually changing and intrinsically has no substance that can be said to be ‘real’. This is very much along the lines of modern physics as expanded by Stephan Hawkins whose findings very much correlate with the philosophy of both Taoism and Buddhism.

Quoting from Professor Hawkin’s, A brief History of Time, “…everything in the universe depends on everything else in a fundamental way.” This is also in accordance with Einstein’s famous Theory of Relativity, in which, just like Yin and Yang, equal and opposite types of energy are dependant upon each other for their mutual existance. This is, however, only applicable at a certain level of reality, the level at which one understands the physical nature of reality. This is however only that- physical. Alternatively, even this is not the final stage- the absolute nature of reality and the entire universe is simply that it is, from the very beginning, completely Empty, entirely without substance. How did we arrive at this startling conclusion? The simple answer is that everything is impermanent, everthing can change and as such has no intrinsic reality.

Stephen Hawking is searching for the Truth and is already getting quite close. In my forthcoming book, 8 Mansions Feng Shui, I briefly explain how the ‘Wu Chi’ (Emptiness) creates two types of Chi (energy). When these 2 types of energy, Yin and Yang, move, this is Tai Chi. We are greatful to him, Einstein and their fellow collegues for using modern science to explain the old Taoist and Buddhist philosophy in a new scientific way. It proves that we can arrive at the same ultimate truth of the universe in 2 ways, intuitively and mathematically. Actually, both intuitively (body) and mathematically (mind) are as one.Emptiness is the Truth.

This is a completely different approach to feng shui, which deals with the physical reality, whereas happiness is related to your mental condition. When we achieve both, Yin and Yang in balance, just like the Tai Chi sign, we can live in peace and harmony.


In the Western world, do people believe in Feng Shui? I can give you the answer, and that is Yes! The English have also been doing it for centuries. It is no coincidence that the buildings of major importance happen to be on a North/South axis. Why you might ask on a North/South axis? I will explain this later.

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard sits North facing South with a cleverly designed front entrance which one enters from the East and West through side doors. This attracts the chi from 4 directions which enables them to control the crime across the whole country.

The only problem is the corner shop across from the entrance, which blocks the site, causing a lot of problems. It visually cuts into the reception area disrupting their activities and causing them to have a hard time.


Lloyds insurance has been designed on a North/South axis with inconsistent door directions due to the use of three entrances, causing them a lot of trouble. The main problem however, is the stairs on the right entering the spiral walkway on the left. This represents money coming in and going back out past the front entrance, which acts like a mouth grabbing for food that it cannot reach. The lift access, opposite the entrance, blocks the chi coming into the main entrance, making it hard to find the money, suffocating business activity.

The building is longer on the left than on the right, which represents the green dragon, meaning that the male energy is stronger. Allied to this is the building opposite which blocks the light on the entrance because of its height, magnifying the problem. The only benefit in favour of the building is the square opposite, which has the potential to facilitate prosperity, but only if you understand Feng Shui.


The New Age architects of this century generally do not follow the geomantic traditions of our ancestors who understood the value of good alignment.

This can be demonstrated with the new MI6 building facing the South East and their recent departure from cold war espionage to join the police in internal crime fighting; dealing with domestic issues such as housing benefit fraud and the revelations about spying in Russia. So, although the building may look strangely fashionable, they have unwittingly Feng Shui’d themselves out of a job, to be relegated to just another police department. Is it to do with is Feng Shui or just another coincidence?


In ancient China, Emperors, Kings, Generals and any figure trying to promote themselves, would use graveyard Feng Shui to improve their situation and if necessary destroy their opponents.

Graveyard Feng Shui relates to the positioning of the graves of our ancestors. Because there is a genetic link created by DNA between parents and their offspring, any positive or negative energy affecting the burial site will have a corresponding beneficial or adverse affect on the future generations of that family. Therefore placing their relatives graves in the most auspicious position was of paramount importance and desecrating the graves of one’s enemies’ ancestors was common practice.

It may surprise you to think people believed in and used Feng Shui then and even more amazing that they still do. Nothing has changed and Governments and major Businesses, still use exactly the same tactics, only now it is in the international arena of politics and business.

In Hong Kong, businessmen pay large amounts of money to correct their Feng Shui. Some of my friends told me that the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank paid £50,000 for a Feng Shui expert to correct their Feng Shui. This is very common in Hong Kong to improve business. Although many people disbelieve Feng Shui, there are also those who feign disbelief but secretly use it to destroy their opponents. After the handover of Hong Kong in June 1997 people are talking about and becoming increasingly aware of the role of Feng Shui in the home and in businesses.


An example of this is the aggressive design of the Bank of China, against the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and Standard Charter which represents British trade in Hong Kong. The design incorporates mirrors to flash light at the nearest buildings, interfering with the occupants’ health, business potential and power. The top of the Bank of China is designed like a triangle, which represents their ruthlessness in business through greater financial resource from the Chinese government. Visually, from a long distance it looks like a chopper, cutting into the heart of Hong Kong…and that is exactly what it is.

The Bank of China is built on the right hand side of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and Standard Charter, (the right being the White Tiger side). This negatively affects the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank and Standard Charter by isolating them in business and making it less likely for people to help them. Although they designed part of the rooftop structure to look like two cannons to fight back, this still makes very little difference. An analogy would be like a person trying to defend themselves with two small chopsticks against a giant chopper.


The most important point about the triangle of the Bank of China is that it is facing the Hong Kong Governors building, which represented the political, financial and economic power of Hong Kong. By doing this, the Bank of China aimed to destroy the centre of Hong Kong’s power. However, in an attempt to defend himself, the Governor employed the services of a Feng Shui Master and grew trees between his residence and the Bank of China. At a basic level of Feng Shui this makes sense as it provides a physical barrier against the power directed against them. Unfortunately that Feng Shui Master forgot that different symbols represent different elements. For example a rectangle represents wood; a square represents Earth and a triangle represents fire …… Anyone who has learnt Feng Shui should know the 5 elements. Earth creates metal; metal creates water; water creates wood; wood creates fire and fire creates earth. Therefore the Triangle of the bank of China represents fire and the trees represent wood. This means that growing the trees will actually increase the power of the triangle in the same way that wood kindles a fire.


I said that the way for the Hong Kong Government to protect themselves was to use the Earth element to re-direct the power or Water to destroy it. However this was not to be and Hong Kong peacefully reverted to China in June 1997. This was a positive use of Feng Shui from the Chinese Government’s point of view to weaken the British position resulting in a smooth handover with no real trouble.

The Governor of Hong Kong had the chance to change the situation and avoid any bad consequences, but it was no longer important. Although they employed the services of a Feng Shui Master at the time, they were still unable to help themselves. We have to conclude therefore that this was the fate and that the power of Hong Kong would go to China and there was nothing the British Government could do.

In February 1997 for a CNE Feng Shui programme, I used Chinese astrology and Feng Shui to predict a smooth Hong Kong handover. This has come true and this was a very peaceful handover. Hence the reason why Government house is now a museum!


In present day China all the palaces and important government buildings, that still exist, which were built in ancient China, are built on a north/south axis. This means the buildings follow the natural magnetic flow of the earth and when the planets are affecting the magnetic field in another direction, the North/South position is still not affected too much, and when it comes back to a North/South direction, they will be firm in their power.

The Feng Shui is changing all the time following a set routine, and only if you know “I Ching” Feng Shui can you build in the best direction that will make the building busy all the time. Of course this higher secret is only known to the top Masters.

It is no coincidence that the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and the Bank of England have all been positioned to maximise their situations as well. Both the English and Chinese governments have used Feng Shui to control the people, and at the same time claim ignorance of its existence and what it is used for. And who can blame them? Businessmen use the same trick as governments in pretending not to believe in Feng Shui but actually doing the complete opposite.


So do Western people believe in Feng Shui? Yes and no, it is still very much a so-so option. The Chinese certainly believe it, where “living environment Feng Shui” is used to determine the best site for their homes, places of work or business and the best system of design for interior decorating to create the most favourable environments for business, good health and relationships.

In regards to businesses such as the stock exchange, my experience has shown me that people half believe it and when they follow the instructions it has made the difference between making rather than losing billions. With one company the boss believes in its benefits as he has been working in Hong Kong for years, but those in charge in another branch of the company do not and therefore they will lose billions of pounds until they follow the instructions.

An incident from my own experience was with a firm of stockbrokers who vastly understated the size of their office on the telephone, and when I came to check the direction they disputed it. At the end of the consultation, they said they did not believe in Feng Shui anymore, after believing it earlier and having listened to my advice.

I told them that if they did not care to regard my advice they did not have to pay, to which they replied with a ‘donation’ 5% of the true asking price.

This was very “generous” and I laughed when I later saw one of their employees frantically running round Chinatown with bamboo shoots under his arm. So obviously they do believe in Feng Shui but pretend they don’t. Unfortunately for them I still hold the key and they didn’t give me the chance to tell them the most important point.

In my position I see too many hypocrites. For example there are many businesses secretly using Feng Shui, while claiming ignorance of its effectiveness and even making a mockery of it. This is because Feng Shui gives them a huge advantage over their competitors which they want to keep – therefore the less people who use Feng Shui – the better it is for them.

So remember, next time someone says they don’t believe in Feng Shui – it could be that they don’t want you to give the subject serious consideration. However after the handover of Hong Kong in June 1997, Feng Shui has become far more widespread … Who knows, maybe the Bank of China has found a suitable site in London for their next project.

One last point, recent events in London’s Docklands act as a grim reminder to the folly of ignoring Feng Shui. When the luck is not there, even outside help such as the recent 32 million pounds foreign investment into the area, can not alter the situation. Bad Feng Shui will always attract disasters such as the IRA bomb, which caused in excess of £150 million pounds worth of damage. Follow the Feng Shui advice and you can make Billions, ignore it and lose billions. So if I was in business and always searching for the best opportunities I would follow the instructions!