Feng Shui (Called Geomancy in the West) is an art that developed in ancient China over 5000 years ago. It is based on The Taoist philosophy (Wu Chi ,Tai Chi , Pa Qua, 5 Elements and the I Ching) and is a highly developed method to enhance the positive influences of the environment while avoiding the negative ones. This has always been a secret art, passed on from Master to student but now Master Wong will open this secret to the public for the first time and explain it in a modern scientific way. He reveals how Feng Shui is a method to harmonise the electromagnetic radiation and the forces of gravity that issue from the Earth, the planets in our Solar System, the Sun, the moon and our own internal radiation.

It is used to determine the best site for one’s home; place of work or business and the best system of design and positioning for interior decorating to create the most favourable environment in which you can function at the top of your ability. Feng Shui can be divided into 2 major styles such as Surroundings (Landscape) Feng Shui and Metaphysical Feng Shui. Surrounding (Landscape) Feng Shui can be divided into large and small variations and can affect your luck for a long time. Metaphysical Feng Shui can affect your luck for a short time like 8 Mansions, Flying Star and I Ching Feng Shui. By combining all these different styles, the accuracy of the consultation will be increased.