–  Master Wong

Full CV of Master Wong


Master Wong has been a Flying Star Feng Shui Master for over 30 years during which time he has enhanced the Feng Shui for many clients all over the world – including Stock Brokers and financial institutions in London and a vast number of shops, restaurants, offices and private homes in this and many countries world-wide.

His expert advice is highly regarded as a means to maximise the potential of any building – as testified by the many successful businesses who have consulted him and the improved relationships, health and financial success of those whose homes he has helped to improve.

As founder of Yellow Dragon Feng Shui Master Wong is dedicated to offering true Feng Shui and not the dubious Feng Shui that has become prolific in recent years. Feng Shui is an ancient art that takes years of dedicated study and practice and is finely interwoven with Eastern spiritual traditions which focus on the nature of energy.

Master Wong’s spiritual powers make his Feng Shui Services unique. He can even enhance the effects of the Feng Shui by empowering a talisman to destroy any negative influences. He can also contact and remove spirits that may be residing in the house and causing problems. These skills are very rare and this is what makes Master Wong and Yellowdragon different from other services.