This information is taken from Master Wong’s Ultimate Guide to feng shui series of books. Master Wong has already completed 4 books and about 20 more are on the way.

On the internet there are a lot of people who offer feng shui courses and books. But the fact is that Master Wong’s knowledge is more specialised, getting into the real feng shui and giving you the ability to practice complete and practical feng shui. His books are not like the usual feng shui books which you might read over a cup of coffee and then put away never to read again. You will continuously refer to them to get practical information in all your feng shui work.

Normally a professional feng shui course will cost you £10000. But sometimes you can find one for £500. The problem with these cheap courses though is that the quality is very low, not much information of practical use is given and you will receive poor value for your money because the incomplete knowledge will cost you and other people a lot of problems through the poor feng shui that will result.

The Yellow Dragon feng shui consultant’s course is the best value on the internet. When you compare, then you will find out that this is the case.

Our product not only beats others in price but in the value of the information. Keep informed by visiting the feng shui site regularly.

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