Having the right information is invaluable in whatever you do. Feng shui is no different. Bad feng shui may already be causing you problems with your health, business and relationships. It is impossible to place a value on the importance of these things. With this in mind, we believe that our prices are exceptionally reasonable for the unique service that we provide.

Main Services

– Home consultations
– Business consultations
– Follow up consultations

Other Services

– Garden feng shui
– Advice on Building Extensions
– Advice on specific areas of home or business – Main Entrance / Lobby / Sign / Water Position
– Selection of Auspicious days for Special Occasions
– Logo Design
– Choosing a busines names
– Personal Life Chart Analysis

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Booking a consultation

If necessary please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. To book your consultation we require payment in full in advance of the total amount quoted.How to pay
We currently accept payment by the following methods. All payments should be made to ‘Yellowdragon’ UK

– Bank/building society cheque
– Postal orderOutside UK
– International Money Order
– Transfer directly to our account (please contact us for more information)

Term and conditions

* All fees paid are non-refundable
* Rates may change at any time without notice
* Talismans are discussed separately from the consultation fee. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
* If you require a personal visit to the site when work is completed, this will be charged at the rate for follow-up consultations