Many people are interested in Feng Shui, but are not really sure if it works. Therefore they don’t think it’s worth the money to have it done. However, when you consider that some people are willing to pay up to £100,000 to have the Feng Shui done for a football team, it’s clear that many do see the value in it. You may buy a house or start a business expecting happiness and success, but if you are not aware that your surroundings can cause you problems, you will not be able to understand it when things go wrong. People don’t realise that by spending a little money to have the Feng Shui looked at, they are actually getting a lot more in return.
A few years ago Master Wong was contacted by a lady who was thinking of buying a £200,000 house with her husband. Despite this, she said she could not afford to pay for a consultation. Nevertheless, Master Wong offered to give her some free advice, and asked her to describe the immediate surroundings of the house. She told him that there was a church opposite, and was sceptical when Master Wong advised her that only one person could live in such a house. So Master Wong asked her to find out about the past owners of the house. She was really shocked when she discovered that the house was currently occupied by a lady whose husband had died from cancer, and that the previous owners had divorced.

This one piece of advice saved her having problems with her relationship, her health, and from wasting her money. So before you dismiss Feng Shui you have to consider how much your relationships, your health, and your finances are worth to you.

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